The Date Shed ~ WANDER LIST

Moonlit desert nights are full of surprises. From the quiet calm to the wild side, they range. How far they range… well, that depends on you.


These lights say desert party, you have arrived


If you have to wait in line, this isn’t a bad spot to do it


Once you see the neon sign, you can’t miss the Shed

Enter tonight’s scene, the Date Shed, one of the most unique venues around. A speakeasy of sorts, with a sweet history and a seemingly evergreen future.


Fishbone, so good!

On this night the skaa band Fishbone filled the air with tunes, destined to make you forget the then and celebrate the now. The alternative funk rockers join an eclectic list of performers to pop up on this stage, to beckon revelers to the dance floor, to groove, to sway, to party desert-style with a simple head bob.


This shot…Coachella crowd, Date Shed venue

Turn the tables back a ways and The Date Shed was a Date Shed, a storage space for dates harvested on property. That lasted 50 years. Spin into 2011 and the storage facility was transformed into its current form, a spot best described as 1970’s Sunset Strip meets Coachella Fest.


Over the bar, the Coachella aftermath


Hmmmmm what’s this strange pole?


Sit and spin

In fact, the walls here are lined with photos from that world famous music festival. And why not, the nonchalant bar shares the same grounds as Coachella.


Empire Polo Club grounds are so insanely beautiful


Those lights again


Palms Pretty in Pink and Purple

Tucked into a tiny corner at the Empire Polo Club, one might not even realize The Date Shed is here. Beneath the date palms, under a canopy of lights this little piece of history is packing the cozy house year-round and offering an historic time-warp of sorts.


Sunset Wandering

And just like that, the desert nightfades to day, creating another chance to follow the sunset to where it all began. And again, that depends on you.

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