International Banana Museum ~ WANDER LIST


A curious snack on the shore of the Salton Sea

Roadside attractions….the perfect distractions to make you forget the miles and miles of travel behind and ahead. There’s something so fantastic about the bizarre-ness of most of these attractions.  Perhaps that ‘something’ is as simple as, it makes you feel slightly more normal. Whatever it is, it’s a welcome addition to the mundane yellow lines in the road. Speaking of YELLOW, on the Northern edge of the Salton Sea, sits a peculiar little spot in the sand, where yellow flowers, lead to a yellow building, and inside, a big yellow surprise!


Welcome to the International Banana Museum in Mecca


You better bet I’m going to dress the part


There’s all sorts of goodies inside

It’s a tropical fruit paradise inside, where banana paraphernalia comes in all shapes and sizes. And by all, I mean…a BUNCH. It’s the International Banana Museum, don’t let this one slip by. There’s just banana everything! Anything and everything ever done in banana form is in here.  B-A-N-A-N-A-S ~ I’ll spell it, and you name it, because it’s probably in here.


There are so many bananas!


Banana flavored food

You simply can’t escape them…the bananas that is. There are boat loads of them, everywhere where you look, every way you turn. Books, toys, food, all themed banana. The counters are bursting with what seems like billions of banana goodies.


Banana tchotchkes everywhere


This banana gal, dancing on the ceiling

YES they have some bananas, not just some, but more than 25-thousand banana related items. The International Banana Museum owners, Kym and Fred Garbutt brought the Guinness Book of World Records banana collection from a seller on Ebay, and in 2012 opened up the museum.


The owners serving up some banana treats

Kym Garbutt says, “When my customers walk in, first I see their big eyes, and then it’s amazement because they don’t expect it.” The people come in bunches and we met quite a few folks during the length of our shoot.


Banana fans from Los Angeles

The fantastically friendly and adventurous threesome (pictured above) were from Los Angeles and were in the area looking for something different and fabulous. They checked out Salvation Mountain and camped by Slab City and couldn’t escape their curiosity when they spied the Banana Musuem on the way out of town. Melanie Willing (left) even has a banana tattoo that she was super excited to see was the exact same banana that the museum uses for their logo.

Keep your eyes peeled, along with endless yellow trinkets, there are some pretty fantastic fruit costumes as well!


I look regal don’t I?

The owners profess that their museum is a fun place that evokes happiness in everyone young and old, “No matter your age you’ll find something to bring you a smile. If not, you’re probably truly bananas!”


a curious coconut monkey, with bananas of course


Saying farewell to the banana mascot at the front of the museum, we got close during the shoot

I must admit, I like this place a whole bunch…I grabbed a hand-dipped chocolate banana for the road and then it was time to SPLIT. Plan your visit, the museum is open Fri-Mon 11am-7:30pm. Admission is $1 but if you buy any of their banana goodies…admission is FREE.

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