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I have an infatuation with things that don’t necessary go together, being put together. I feel it brings out the uniqueness. Things standout, they sparkle more, or they serve as a stark backdrop to that sparkle.  Like an outfit off a mannequin, I don’t want it…I want the unexpected.


The expected is always there…that’s why the unexpected is extra special and precisely why I love Gubler Orchids in Landers. I have visited the orchid farm on more occasions than I have fingers to count and find myself wanting to go back again and again to experience the kaleidoscope of color and surprise.

gubler-orchids-poster-8 Embraced by the Mojave Desert and surrounded on all sides by its sand lies a tropical wonderland almost too bizarre to believe. Orchids…every size, color and variety…Every shape, scent and texture…There are thousands of these exotic flowers, thriving here, in the middle of where you would least expect them to be.


Rows and rows of orchids


This sea of showy blooms and delicate clusters is the life’s work of one family that has tended to these flowering plants for three generations. Chris Gubler is carrying on his family’s legacy. Gubler Orchids was started by his grandfather in Switzerland in 1918. In the 50s his father brought the business to California and in 1974 moved East to the high desert where the air was clean and the sky blue.


Gubler family photos, when it all began


Heir Gubler


Hans Gubler

The Gublers are considered one of the top quality growers in the world. And their blooms, thousands of them ship out every week from right here in the desert.



Do you see the fancy lady? Hint, she’s wearing a yellow dress!

There are 20+thousand different species of orchids.  Vanilla bean is one of them, another is named for Chris and according to the orchid expert himself, the delicate beauties have been around for millions of years because they’re hardy.


Vanilla Bean Orchid


This one smells like chocolate


A sea of green

Along with the hundreds of varieties of orchids here, is a fantastical crop of carnivorous plants like Venus Fly Traps. Also lining the aisles, the family’s own botanical collection, including Staghorn Ferns, and a rare, giant bloom producing Stanhopia Orchid.


It’s a true flower dreamland, a spot where beauty and color only becomes more showy and vivid set against this backdrop. Now that I’ve told you to expect the unexpected with Gubler Orchids I assure you, I haven’t ruined the experience, I will tell you with much certainty you will still be surprised.


Gubler Orchids is open for greenhouse tours…no appointment is necessary. Be warned though, there’s a shop on your way out and you will absolutely, positively want to take home an orchid in every shade.

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